Goal 3: Provide Youth Opportunities

provide – [pruh-vahyd] – verb to make available; furnish

Providing youth with opportunities can drastically alter the path of youth. It can help reduce their likelihood of engaging in violence, provide them with workforce training opportunities, and enhance their likelihood to complete secondary education. Strategies in this goal focus on providing youth in active communities with equitable opportunities. Houston Peace calls for the strengthening of education opportunities and workforce opportunities. These opportunities allow youth to develop and increase protective factors at various levels.

Objective 3.1

Increase quality education for learners of all ages by expanding supportive resources for students at area schools, including out of school enrichment and college and career readiness programs, and increasing access to high quality early childcare by 2021.

Objective 3.2

Increase the number of opportunities for workforce development and job readiness training for youth in MBK and Complete Community areas by 2021.

Objective 3.3

Enhance and improve extracurricular and out of school activities in active communities by 2021.

Objective 3.4

Stimulate economic development in active communities by 2021.