Goal 1: Prevent Youth Violence 

Prevent – [Pri-Vent] – Verb To Keep From Occurring; Avert; Hinder

Youth violence is a significant problem for Houston. It’s also a problem that can have a long-lasting impact. This goal works to address the varying forms of youth violence, at the various level of the socio-ecological mode. The goal also acknowledges that there is a need to successfully address violence beyond prevention and incorporates intervention and re-entry components. Perhaps most impactfully, this goal champions the need for collaboration to ensure successful and comprehensive violence prevention efforts across the city.

Objective 1.1

Increase awareness of teen dating violence, as it relates to sexual violence, psychological violence, physical violence, and emotional violence in active communities by 2021

Objective 1.2

Decrease perceptions of community disorganization and unsafe communities among youth in active communities by 2021.

Objective 1.3

Increase youth involvement in youth violence and teen dating violence prevention activities by 2021.

Objective 1.4

Build local capacity to address youth violence and teen dating violence by 2021

Objective 1.5

Increase the capacity for rehabilitation opportunities instead of punishment at schools and in in community-based settings by 2021

Objective 1.6

Provide opportunities for youth previously involved in the justice system to decrease the likelihood of violence to reoccur by 2021

Objective 1.7

Enhance youth prevention and intervention level activities for gang involvement by 2021.

Objective 1.8

Increase implementation of violence – prevention trainings and policies across school districts by 2021