Goal 2: Promote Youth Health

promote – [pruh-moht] – verb to help or encourage to exist of flourish; further

Youth are in a critical period of rapid biological and socio-emotional development in which they gain independence, take risks and form behaviors that carry into adulthood. This goal is intended to provide youth with opportunities to develop healthy behaviors surrounding their physical, mental, and behavioral choices. This goal also supports comprehensive and collaborative efforts. While health professionals can serve as a great resource for helping to address the health needs of adolescents, numerous other stakeholders and partners can also support this work.

Objective 2.1

Increase the percentage of youth completing their annual wellness visits at partner schools by 2021.

Objective 2.2

Increase the number of youth who receive information on substance use prevention by 2021.

Objective 2.3

Increase active communities access to fresh and healthy foods by 2021.

Objective 2.4

Increase access to mental health supports by 2021