Preventing Violence, Promoting Health and Opportunities


It’s time for action

We are looking for black men in Houston, TX who’s committed to mentoring our youth as part of the Black Men Mentoring Challenge through Big Brothers Big Sisters. It’s only 4hrs a month and everything is virtual right now. I’m challenging my brothers to join me. #BMMC #HTown @BlackMenMentoringChallenge



Prevent Youth Violence

Youth violence is a significant problem for Houston. It’s also a problem that can have a long-lasting impact.

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Goal 2:

Promote Youth Health

Youth are in a critical period of rapid biological and socio-emotional development in which they gain independence, take risks and form behaviors that carry into adulthood.

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Provide Youth Opportunities

Providing youth with opportunities can drastically alter the path of youth.

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Keys to Success

Houston HOPE’s success lies in the strength that makes Houston Strong. 


Everyone can help prevent youth violence. Check out our tips!

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See how HOUSTON comes together to provide HOPE for a brighter future for it’s youth.

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Check out some of the resouces available.

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Help Make a Difference

The Houston Health Foundation works with donors, partner organizations and volunteers to help bring valuable health services to the children and families of Houston’s most under-served communities. The Houston Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN: 27-2920745. Your gift is tax deductible under the rules governing such organizations. Consult your tax professional for more information.


Media / News

Full Show: Preventing Youth Violence, And NPR’s Joshua Johnson (April 8, 2019)

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Mayor Turner, Health Department announce plan to address youth violence

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Mayor Turner, Houston Health Department Addressing Root Causes Of Youth Violence

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